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Buchcover As primary result, this work presents a set of fundamental design patterns, establishing the HIRTE – a High-Integrity Run-Time Environment for mission-critical telematics applications, with the case study ETS. Conforming to the domain-specific requirements and constraints, the patterns represent building blocks of a framework for state-based service components; statically implementable, exhaustively monitor- and controllable. In this context, the Virtual Control Unit (VCU) provides an original, lean virtual machine for crucial applications, extended by the notion of the Distributable State Machine Fragment (DSMF), enabling selective, safe delegation of processing steps. As a proof of concept as well as foundation for future research and development, all patterns feature a reference implementation in a language subset of Ada.

Application architecture patterns complement the fundamental design patterns, structuring them in a framework context, refining their implementation roles and finally sketching an ETS software smartphone solution based on the introduced original concepts.

Keywords: telematics, telecommunications, smart cards, electronic toll collection, automotive, fault-awareness, high-integrity, mission-critical components, virtual machines, state automatons, Ada.