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In the design of system architectures of our products and work commissioned by our customers, we employ our specialized software patterns. They support the realization of complete (sub-)systems or selectively introduce defined aspects to existing solutions: inherent and provable reliability, cryptographic safeguards, systematic monitoring of distributed processes.


  • The distributable fragment of a state machine (DSMF) consistently supports the concept of transparent computing in the context of cyber security. Processes in the cloud are fully secured, validatable and monitorable.
  • Virtual control units (VCU) compose a tolling OBE application that is able to concurrently process a large number of toll domains - provably failure-free.
  • Encapsuled as VCU, a tolling service is integrated interference-free directly into the on-board ECU network of a vehicle. It allows complete monitoring, validation and control of its run-time behavior. In consequence, the ETS provider may substantially cut costs for dedicated OBUs.
  • Our mobile extension pattern tempers unsecured but widely accepted platforms like smartphones for cash-value and security-critical services.

We implement omp telematics® in any common language: from C dialects to Java or other managed languages.