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Our primary consulting activities are concerned with the design and architecture of systems. They range from the specification of algorithms, processes and protocols to subsystems with their interfaces and up to complete distributed solutions and products. Examples:

  • Audit-proof charging algorithms for toll road sections.
  • Arrival/spacing optimization module for an air traffic management system.
  • Cryptographic anonymization protocols for personal data in traffic telematic systems.
  • Automated validation processes for the preparation of confidential personal data of an eHealth smartcard.
  • Over the air (OTA) updating and configuration of (U)-SIMs for M2M applications in the context of GSM-R.
  • System architecture with OBE and center of a European toll service (EETS).

For design and specification we generally prefer the UML, with its profiles SysML and MARTE.

Additionally, our customers regularly request

project management – omp staffs this position e.g. if particularly ambitious milestones need to be met,
compilation/preparation of guidelines – for programming or system modeling to fulfill specific qualities or standards,
testing and integration – if special knowledge about the quality of a product or its interfaces is required.